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88nite Vol.015 「Shot! Shot!! Shot!!!」


Chitose Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival

:thumbs::wub::-]:birthday::::announce私たちは、札幌でカフェの場所を探しています。 もし、場所など、良い情報がありましたら、お知らせください。宜しくお願いいたします。 Seeking a nice cafe space in Sapporo, if you have any leads please let us know. Will gift you with food :)   :birthday:


Nandalow Radio Show #3 Originally broadcast August 4th, 2017 on 77.8 FM Radio E-niwa

We had phun with the radio show and hope you enjoy!
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Shikotsuko's Haunted Hotel

 by Chihiro Ueno

You can hear the sounds of water lapping against the shore. Suddenly a white shadow appears! A ghost waits in the ruins of the hotel. This rumor is going around some of the bikers and the local circle of car enthusiasts.
Route 512, nicknamed, "the line between Sapporo and Shikotsu Lake," is a popular cruising course surrounded by forest. Along the way to Lake Shikotsu,sit the ruins of what some years ago was a lakeside hotel. A rumor has been spreading that a mysterious phenomenon has appeared at the hotel.
In the summer of 1993, two men in their mid-twenties left for the lake by car. While they were driving on the straight road surrounded by woods, they suddenly came across a two-story hotel. They stopped the car in a small vacant lot beside the road and started to walk to the hotel.
The windows were broken and the walls were crumbling. Standing in the moonlight, one man suddenly heard a loud sound. It was like a bomb going off, but the other man couldn't hear it.
Afraid, they decided to go back to their car. Getting close to the car, who should they meet there but a ghost. The white shadow seemed to be waiting for them. They quickly got into their car and drove away as fast as they could.
Actually, this story is quite popular among young people, and I have gone there several times. The following is my experience. The best time to go is late at night, commonly called "ushimitsu doki". This means "the most favored time for ghosts to appear." When you go during this time, you can really experience the horror. It is definitely worse than in the daytime.
The hotel looked like a lodging, and I thought it wasn't very old because its roof was steady and it seemed solidly built and not in such bad condition. It stands quietly in the center of the woods. It certainly seemed strange, but I didn't feel that it was a ghost…