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Hokkaido Bluegrass Festival

Fireworks Festival in July, Aug. and Sep. 

花火大会 7月~9月

■Kitano Fureai Summer Festival
Date: July 21 (Sat.) 7:45 pm – 8:20 pm.
Rain date: July 22 (Sun.)
Venue: Ashiribetsu River Kitano Fureai bridge 
Address: Kiyota-ku, Kitano 6-3 
600 fireworks

■Fireworks at Akebono Summer Festival
Date: July 21 (Sat.) 7:45 pm- 
Venue: Aeon Sapporo Teine Yamaguchi Shopping Center
Address: Teine-ku, Asukaze 1-1
250 fireworks

■Doshin UHB Fireworks Festival
Date: July 27 (Fri.) 7:40 pm. Rain date: Aug. 10 (Fri.)
Venue: Toyohira River between Minami bridge and Horohira bridge.
4000 fireworks
The Moet & Chandon Sparkling Wine truck will come to Nakaima Park.

■Ishiyama Summer Festival
Date: July 28 (Sat.), 7:30 pm. Rain date: July 29 (Sun.)
Venue: Ishiyama Kita Park 
Address: Minami-ku, Ishiyama 1-3
300 fireworks

■Bankei Fireworks at Summer Festival
Date: Aug. 4 (Sat.), 7:30 pm. Rain date: Aug. 5 (Sun.)
Venue: Bankei Ski Area
Address: Bankei 410
Adm.the for Summer Festival, ¥2,500 for elem. and over.
4000 fireworks




■Moiwa Summer Festival
Date: Aug. 5 (Sun.), 8 pm
Venue: Monami Park
Address: Minami-ku, Kawazoe 10-1
550 fireworks

■Fighters Fireworks Festival
Date: Aug. 25 (Sun.), after the baseball game starting at 3 pm.
Venue: Sapporo Dome
Address: Toyohira-ku, Hitsujigaoka 1
3000 fireworks

■Light Up Nippon Hokkaido in Takino
Date: Aug. 26 (Sun.)
Venue: Takino Suzuran Hillside Park
Address: Minami-ku, Takino 247
3000 fireworks
Tickets.: ¥500 - ¥2,000 including the adm. fee.
LIGHT UP NIPPON HOKKAIDO | 東日本大震災 | 北海道 | 復興支援

■Moerenuma Fireworks Festival
Date: Sep. 8 (Sat.), 7:30 pm. Rain date: Sep. 9 (Sun.)
Venue: Moerenuma Park
Address: Higashi-ku, Moerenuma Park 1-1
18,000 fireworks
Tickets: ¥7,560, ¥3,780, ¥540
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Chitose Air Festival 2018

22 July, 2018

9:00am - 3:00pm

Admission free

[Official Site]
千歳基地 | [JASDF] 航空自衛隊
Japan Air Self-Defense force Chitose Base
Heiwa, Chitose-shi, Hokkaido 066-8510

千歳基地 | [JASDF] 航空自衛隊

tina video

ABANDONED HOUSE in JAPAN Hokkaido trip 2018

Anthony Bourdain in Hokkaido

Folklore Live -札幌公演- Miho Ota + baobab

ゲストに太田美帆 (CANTUS)&baobabを


MIHO OTA + baobab
OPEN:18:00 START:18:30 (終演20:00予定)
PLACE:札幌 モエレ沼公園 ガラスのピラミッド・アトリウム
出演:FOLKLORE (AOKI,hayato / haruka nakamura /内田 輝)
   太田 美帆 (CANTUS)
3/31(土) 12:00より発売開始

主催:太田 美帆
企画・制作:fete musique

fete musique
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haiku. poetry event

女流俳人の 瀬戸 優理子 (Yuriko Seto)先生から





日時 7月1日 日曜日 13時から14時30分
場所 札幌シェアオフィス&コワーキングスペースカフェSaloon 
参加料金 1000円 当日お支払いください。

持ち物 筆記用具

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 JASDF Chitose Air Show 

22 Jul., JASDF Chitose Air Show with B.I.. The last chance to see the B-747 of 701sqn..


Special screening world at the Dome Theater
Aurora pseudo experience & raw commentary on large screen
Each performance 75 minutes capacity 60 people required reservation
(It will be closed as soon as it becomes capacity)

[Official Site]
101, Motomombetsu, Mombetsu-shi, Hokkaido 094-0023



 Noh, one of the Japanese traditional performing arts, is a composite art structured with dance, music and drama with more than 600 years history. The play is introduced by the Kanze and Hosho schools in a genuine style and atmosphere. Please enjoy the world of Noh with delivered English caption viewed on a tablet (reservation required, first-come- first-served basis).

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 12th 2018, 17:45 (Event starts at 18:30)
Venue: Sapporo Education and Culture Hall (Large Hall)
          Kita 1-jo, Nishi 13-chome, Chuo Ward, Sapporo

Tickets: 3,000 yen, reserved seating
Reservation for Tickets & English caption tablet: Please email at by June 5 (Tue.) with your Name, Contact (Phone, Email), Nationality, Number of tickets and Number of English caption tablet. Reservation is required.

Inquiry: Sapporo Education and Culture Hall, Project Management / Email:

Kushiro Ramen Festival “Ra Festa 2018″


Kushiro Ramen Festival is one of the greatest ramen-noodles events in Hokkaido. Limited original ramen can be tasted only in this event, and the restaurants in local Kushiro sell cooking.
1 September, 2018 - 2 September, 2018

Sep.1 (Sat.): 11:00am - 1:00am / Sep.2 (Sun.): 9:00am - 3:00pm
2017(One bowl of ramen: 550 yen)

[Official Site]
釧路ラーメン麺遊会マップ – 札幌・函館・旭川に続く、北海道第4のラーメン「釧路ラーメン」
Special site in the parking of AEON Shopping Mall Kushiro
4-18-1, Showachuo, Kushiro-shi, Hokkaido 084-0910

Hokkaido Forest Ropes Course




HOKKAIDO (TR) – Hokkaido Prefectural Police have sent five male youths belonging to a bosozoku biker gang to prosecutors for allegedly riding dangerously in Sapporo last year, reports Nippon News Network (Jan. 31).

In October, a 19-year-old member of the gang Kyoran (Fury) allegedly was a part of a group of riders who ignored red traffic signals while slowly meandering their motorcycles between lanes in a manner considered dangerous on National Route 12 from Shiroishi Ward to Atsubetsu Ward.

The 19-year-old, who has been accused of violating the Road Traffic Act, denies the allegations, telling police that he did not ride that day.

According to police, Kyoran formed in the summer of last year. Since then, the group has repeatedly carried out rides considered dangerous through the heart of Sapporo.

In footage released by police on Wednesday, riders in white suits can be seen weaving their motorcycles back and forth on a road at night in November. On an extension of the seats, the lettering “Bosozoku Emergency Vehicle” is…

:thumbs::wub::-]:birthday::::announce私たちは、札幌でカフェの場所を探しています。 もし、場所など、良い情報がありましたら、お知らせください。宜しくお願いいたします。 Seeking a nice cafe space in Sapporo, if you have any leads please let us know. Will gift you with food :)   :birthday:


Nandalow Radio Show #3 Originally broadcast August 4th, 2017 on 77.8 FM Radio E-niwa

We had phun with the radio show and hope you enjoy!
Cheers from
Stevyn & Yukako


Shikotsuko's Haunted Hotel

 by Chihiro Ueno

You can hear the sounds of water lapping against the shore. Suddenly a white shadow appears! A ghost waits in the ruins of the hotel. This rumor is going around some of the bikers and the local circle of car enthusiasts.
Route 512, nicknamed, "the line between Sapporo and Shikotsu Lake," is a popular cruising course surrounded by forest. Along the way to Lake Shikotsu,sit the ruins of what some years ago was a lakeside hotel. A rumor has been spreading that a mysterious phenomenon has appeared at the hotel.
In the summer of 1993, two men in their mid-twenties left for the lake by car. While they were driving on the straight road surrounded by woods, they suddenly came across a two-story hotel. They stopped the car in a small vacant lot beside the road and started to walk to the hotel.
The windows were broken and the walls were crumbling. Standing in the moonlight, one man suddenly heard a loud sound. It was like a bomb going off, but the other man couldn't hear it.
Afraid, they decided to go back to their car. Getting close to the car, who should they meet there but a ghost. The white shadow seemed to be waiting for them. They quickly got into their car and drove away as fast as they could.
Actually, this story is quite popular among young people, and I have gone there several times. The following is my experience. The best time to go is late at night, commonly called "ushimitsu doki". This means "the most favored time for ghosts to appear." When you go during this time, you can really experience the horror. It is definitely worse than in the daytime.
The hotel looked like a lodging, and I thought it wasn't very old because its roof was steady and it seemed solidly built and not in such bad condition. It stands quietly in the center of the woods. It certainly seemed strange, but I didn't feel that it was a ghost…