Hokkaido Seafood Fair in Niseko

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Hokkaido Seafood Fair in Niseko

From 3 to 25 February, the Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries is providing selected Niseko area restaurants with some of Hokkaido’s most famous seafood ingredients, and these restaurants will be churning out signature dishes for the duration of the festival.

Find salmon, scallops, shrimps and kelp from the pristine oceans of the north in a huge variety of dishes during this time. This year’s special seafood creations range from creamy seafood soup, hot pots, tempura to gnocchi and salads. The lineup of restaurants covers a huge range from Western to Japanese, local izakaya pubs to fine dining establishments, so there is sure to be something for every palate and budget.

These new dishes will be on the menu for a strictly limited time, with each restaurant holding limited servings of their chosen ingredient – so be sure to call ahead not to miss out.


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