Mugishu-Tei / Beer Inn  (Sapporo):wub: 427379_334536316598422_373824437_n.jpg


Japan's oldest craft beer bar (36y/o). Over 300 different types of beers and 50 different types of tequilas.

RECOMMENDED by Stevyn from, really fun place and Phred is the expert on beer and fun in Hokkaido! A MUST visit!!!!

Mugishu-Tei, which translates to " Beer-Joint" in Japanese, is celebrating its 36th anniversary this year of being the hub for beer geeks around the world. Since its humble beginning in 1980, Mugishu-Tei has become an internationally celebrated beer bar that is home to over 300 bottled beers, 6 taps, and over 50 types of carefully selected tequilas. Through out the years, the bar has become the place in town that brings different generations together over a tasty beer, the most casual social lubricant of them all.



Minami 5 Jo Nishi 9, Chuo-ku, 
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan