WEBSITE: For Longer-Term Residents of Japan

Japan has a standard of living high enough to convince some people to stay permanently. Some steps I have made and recorded might be of reference to those people. Information on topics such as Permanent Residency, Naturalization, Housebuilding, Employment, Education etc are mixed in with other, hopefully amusing and poignant, anecdotes on travails of life in this fascinating country. Click here to have a look.

Of particular interest:

Note that not all of the stuff above is for the “lifers”, so drop by if you don’t think you’d be interested in the next category:

WEBSITE: For Social Activists in Japan

People who love a society often seek ways to improve it. No society is perfect, after all, and I say there is nothing wrong with working for improvements if one means to live here, pay taxes and contribute to Japanese society much like anyone else. In fact, most “registered foreigners” in Japan are here longer than one might expect (a little under half are legally Permanent Residents, born in Japan). This raises questions about the oft-claimed “monoculturality” of Japanese society, and casts doubt on the “you’re-guests-in-Japan-so-don’t-complain” canards thrown at foreign-born social activists. So if you are interested in how people like me are working towards making Japan a nicer place to live for everyone, click here.

Of particular interest:

If you are looking for information about our NEW LAWSUIT against the National Government of Japan for negligence under International Treaty, click here to see our goals and organization.If you would like to be kept appraised in real time of my reports and other related media, go to my NEW BLOG and sign up under RSS.  Back issues of my regular newsletter here too. If you just want plain old links, I’ve got some perennially obsolescing URLs to some media sites etc. on my Links Page. Sorry, nothing ribald.

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