hokkaido-security.png Hokkaido Information Security Study Group


Hokkaido Information Security Study Group is an IT study group that aims to hold information security study groups regularly in Hokkaido. 
Through study sessions and community activities, I hope to improve awareness of information security in Hokkaido area and to promote human-people interaction. 

About study sessions 

We hold information security technology seminars and hands-on sessions mainly for IT engineers and students who aim to become IT engineers. 
The activities are volunteer based. Participation fee (about 1,000 yen each time) is used for lecturer transportation expenses, venue expenses, confectionery fee of participant, and the balance situation is always open. 
In addition, I support Sekyuporo study student participation. (Free or with a student discount) 
Please feel free to join us!
About information security enlightenment activity 

As an " IPA Internet Safety Class " co-sponsored group, " National Association of Grassroots Cyber Security Movement (Grafsec) " National member,  " Hokkaido Regional Information Security Council (HAISL) " member, information for general Internet users We also conduct security enlightenment activities.  Please contact us if you have any requests for seminars. 
活動はボランティアベースです。参加費 (毎回1,000円程度) は、講師交通費、会場費、参加者のお菓子代等に利用しており、収支状況は常時公開しています。 
せきゅぽろは「IPA インターネット安全教室」共催団体、「草の根サイバーセキュリティ運動全国連絡会 (Grafsec)」全国会員、 北海道地域情報セキュリティ連絡会 (HAISL)」会員として 、一般のインターネット利用者に対する情報セキュリティ啓発活動も行っています。 
連絡先 : せきゅぽろ インターネット安全教室 係 anzen[at]local.or.jp