Hokkaido Beer  北海道麦酒醸造株式会社

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Since its establishment in 2002, the only feeling that has not changed until now is " That seriously, carefully." In Hokkaido Brewing Brewing, a product rich in individuality that can only be made in this area, sticking to local materials We make it at our own manufacturing plant. Beers brewed using carefully selected organic malts and organic hops are unique, including a refreshing sorrow and crisp Pilsner, ale with fruity aroma and taste, and a lager made of low-temperature fermented malt. It is rich beer. Of course 100% malt. Every beer is a product that can only be made by us. In addition, Chuhai using 100% apple juice "Apple's Hoppe", which is manufactured by JA Yoichi, is a drink with plenty of fruit that you can enjoy the taste of apples from Yoichi as it is. For souvenirs of Otaru sightseeing, please use it as a gift for familiar people.