Yuni Garden

Yubari-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
Call 0123-82-2001


Yuni Garden is a garden facility in Yuni Town, Hokkaido. You can enjoy the colorful garden in spring, summer and autumn in Hokkaido. We are closed in winter, from October to mid-April.

Spring) Following the Glory of the snow which bloom when the garden opens, spring flowers, such as Muscari, Tulip, Cherry Blossoms, Hana peach etc., bloom.

Summer) From the end of June, Peony, purple Linaria, and Rose bloom, and various other Herbs start to bud and add color to the garden.

Autumn) 20,000 kochia plants, one of the largest in Hokkaido, stretch across the lawn plaza, and you can enjoy autumn colors together with Maple and Japanese ivy.

Please experience the vast scenery unique to Hokkaido and the different scenery every time you visit.