stevyn protheroGREETS : Heyza, My name is Stevyn aka IronFeather. I was born in the year of the Horse in a small village in Scotland, UK back in the 1960's.    As a child, I grew up in the states , Georgia and Virginia then high schooled in New Hampshire. Love to work on projects and network with others so drop me a line!    I spent many of my favorite formative years as a barrista at both locations of Pennylane Coffeehouse in Boulder so if you made it there then we have probably met.  Currently I reside in Hokkaido Japan.     - Stevyn




Get Synced up!    Boys be ambitious!
DJ Stevyn IronFeather 鉄の羽   Amplified MP3s being synced into each other!
Rave * Techno * House * Acid * Industrial * New Beat 
July 6, 2019  8pm, free
Jhons Cafe 北海道千歳市春日町1-1-16 casamila 1F  Chitose Hokkaido
Call 0123-40-0516


00-03 Kris Baha
03-04 December (live)
07-10 Marsman
10-13 Black Merlin
13-16 Mick Wills
16-19 Milan Hermess

22-01 MEJLE
01-02 Das Ding (live)
02-03 Daribone (live)
03-06 CREDIT 00
06-10 Innershades

09-14 Dollkraut
14-17 Franz Scala
17-22 Mechatronica Soundsystem

Reboot! Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast Remix Project

NEWS:  This project was started in 2015 but after a hard drive crash the material & information was lost. Now a few years later, 2019, I was able to access parts of the damaged hard drive using a different computer that for whatever reason is able to view parts of the drive. I was able to recover 7 of the tracks and some of the artist information.  I am still missing information. Please contact if me if you can help identify the artists. Thank you.

Check out the 7 remixes now at: https://towneclubrecords.com/index.php?page=breakfast

We are seeking remixes, dubs, edits, extended, cover versions, mashups, etc. of this song done in any genre or all styles. 

You can also make a 100% new creation, your own trippy breakfast song or even an audio recording of your breakfast.

You retain all rights to your works.  This is a non-profit release to be sold for cost of materials. If enough interest is generated a special vinyl release will be produced as well as the CD releases.

Contact stevyn@ironfeather.com  to participate.


LayerOne is an information security conference located in Los Angeles, California. Since 2004, we’ve featured speakers from all across the globe and on topics ranging from lockpicking and MPLS security to covert data gathering and HIPAA compliance. Our speakers come from a diverse background and include a focus not just on the nuts and bolts of technology but the social impact as well.

One of the defining features of LayerOne is the overwhelming amount of hands-on workshops, events, and contests available to all attendees. From electronics to lock picking to no-holds-barred hacking competitions, LayerOne has something for everyone to learn more and enjoy themselves throughout the conference.

LayerOne 2019 will be held on May 24-26, 2019.



To celebrate W.C. Fields birthday Jan 29, 2019 I am sharing old tyme americana music from 1900-1940's at a party in Chitose. BYOB, potluck, casual, secret downtown location. "… Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream… "

Wow! Super excited to watch Yuki Katsuragi perform on a new NHK TV drama, about zombies 🤪 Starts this Saturday at 11:30pm. I am going to try and record it. ❤️ … いよいよ明晩スタート!NHK総合テレビ 毎週土曜23:30〜23:59 ★『ゾンビが来たから人生見つめ直した件』全8回放送★ 「NHKドラマ」×「ゾンビ」異色のコラボ!


Bloody hell, it is the Tulsa Noise Fest !!!!!


dark D&B

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