Project Goal: To enhance or build a Linux distribution with hacker
tools but also include other useful tools such as image, audio
editors, dj tools, etc and then pack the USB stick with archives of
underground information, art, music, games.

Upon securing sponsors, distribute as many USB memory sticks for free
to all Phuture Conference attendees.  Offer as download. Offer

INVITE: Contributions of software, code, art, images, music, audio,
archives, text files etc welcomed now!

INVITE:  Join the creator team! We need to decide which distro to use;
Backtrack? Kali?  What else can we offer? What else can this project

ORGANIZE:  Create index.html and have it link to all tools and
archives on the stick but also have an organized useful area of links
to online resources.


stevyn ironfeather   email:


official discussion email list:

inspired by the 90's Choonz & Warez project: