Battlestar Galactica by Glen A. Larson and Robert Thurston


Battlestar Galactica by Glen A. Larson and Robert Thurston

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA BY GLEN A. LARSON AND ROBERT THURSTON is in stock at our shop in Chitose, Hokkaido.

The Greatest Space Epic ever from ABC-TV and Universal. At the end of a bloody thousand-year war against an invincible enemy, an uneasy peace has finally been achieved between humans and the dreaded cyborg warriors of the Cylon Empire. But peace soon turns to bloodshed when the Cylons launch an unexpected attack against humanity's twelve Colonial worlds, wiping out most of the inhabitants.

I recently finished watching the remake of Battlestar Galactica, which if you haven't seen you must! I found this book in a secondhand book warehouse and was intrigued, based on the original series this is a different view to the Battlestar tale I know but is no less intriguing and exciting. It's also enjoyable reading a different plot to what I'm familiar with and seeing how the plot and characters develops. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for the rest of the series!

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