Tori Do: the epic by Penguin Palace
  • CD/CDROM: Tori Do: the epic by Penguin Palace

Tori Do: the epic by Penguin Palace

Raising the Volume on Digital Comics


"Tori Do: the epic" is the first digital comic book ever to release on enhanced CD-ROM. The dark techno ambience and drum n bass infused within this enhanced CD sets the tone for the adventure ahead. It brings the participant into a twisted icescape of a medievil future. The objective: to become the omnipresent watcher, observing a young penguin martial artist as he embarks on a journey beyond the gates that have sheltered him.
Only a web browser and Real Player are needed to unlock the adventure, and both are supplied on the multi-platform CD. "Tori Do" is an enhanced CD; the audio can be played in any standard CD player. Viewing the digital comic book requires a CD-ROM drive and sound card.

The digital comic was created by pinguino (Dallas) of Penguin Palace, with musical contributions from RE: (Sacramento), Miguel Q (Dallas), Solo Jr. (Fort Worth), and Nick B (Fort Worth).
Penguin Palace is the first publisher to bring together underground musicians, independent comic books, and computer technology, and bind them together in a standardized creation. Unlike movies, digital comic books still leave much to the readers imagination, such as voices and movements between comic book frames. Another "Tori Do" digital comic book is in the works.

[Penguin Palace, US]
"The Epic" is a unique because it's a CD-ROM comic book and a 45 min. audio soundtrack (with four original jungle cuts from the Lostrack Records crew (Texas based d&b label). The comic book, a story about a penguin martial artist and his first quest is a colourful tale which can be viewed on either Mac or IBM. Track one, "Evolution" starts ou with the low hum sample of a chanting temple monk then slowly picks up with stepping beats. "Shifty Looks" weaves it's way in and out of soundscapes - mainly falling along the tech tip. "Chemical Ride", my personal favourite, is the hardest of the four. An energised hardstep piece overlain with sampels and sound FX. And the last track, "Torido's Travels" is a sort of musical summary of the comic. All tracks take on a soundtrack feel with layered and stylised FX and background string accompaniments. However, all of these tracks are excellently crafted and would work equally well on the dancefloor.

CD/CDROM: Tori Do: the epic by Penguin Palace

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