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地震 Hokkaido Earthquake Information

大丈夫, No earthquakes of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 400 km reported in last 7 days.



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【本日開館です】9月18日(土)「放浪の天才画家 山下清展」のオープニングが行われました。「木×彫刻 二つの彫刻賞の作家から」とともに、感染防止対策を十分に行ったうえで、11月23日(火・祝)まで開催いたします。皆様のご来館をお待ちしています。

Kushiro Hokkaido Man Killed by Bear

Close to 11 a.m. on April 10, a resident of Kushiro City in Hokkaido who had traveled to the mountains to pick edible flora with his wife was attacked by a brown bear and died shortly after. Though his wife called emergency services as soon as she heard her husband scream and witnessed him being attacked by a “black, bear-like animal”, he was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death appeared to be the crushing of his head and throat.

Though the emergency services who arrived at the scene were unable to locate the animal responsible, this is unfortunately not an especially unexpected occurrence. Experts warn that bears that have just woken up from hibernation are the most likely to encounter humans, as they wander further afield in search of food. Adding to this peril is the fact that brown bear populations are on the rise in Hokkaido, which increases the risk of an encounter.

In the wake of this unfortunate incident, a representative of the Hokkaido Hunting Association expressed his anguish at it happening despite reports of bear sightings in the area and went on to share advice for bear encounters in general.

First, he dismissed the effectiveness of bear bells, small bells that jingle as you walk, and said that their only true purpose was to give their wearers peace of mind. In actuality he says that the bells ring so quietly they tend not to be audible to bears until it’s too late, meaning a better course of action is to walk loudly and speak in strong, clear voices to ensure that a bear doesn’t accidentally stumble upon you.

Of course, he concedes, this doesn’t stop bears from encountering you anyway. And in that instance, the only advice he can really offer is to be willing to fight for your life.

While tools like bear repellents can be useful, it’s unlikely that in the moment you will have the presence of mind or quick reflexes to pull out the safety pin to activate one. It…

Hokkaido Market Buy & Sell


HOKKAIDO JAPAN: Welcome to a new Hokkaido online sales group. Post & discuss items for sale, want to buy, how to ship, payment options, seeking advice, recommended Hokkaido businesses, etc. for all people of Hokkaido. Relaxed atmosphere here, but moderated for spam.

Cassette & Zine shop in Sapporo! すごい ❤🖖🔈 !!

北海道札幌豊平区のバーバーショップ、haircut VOX店内併設のcassette tape storeです。

主に海外のINDIE, BEAT TAPEなどを中心としたカセットテープ専門店です。日本では当店でしか入手できないものも多数ございます。


☎︎ 011-857-3544
E-mail :

平日 10:00~19:30
水曜日 12:00~22:00
土日祝 9:00~18:30
定休日 月曜日・第一、第三火曜日

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