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地震 Hokkaido Earthquake Information

Hokkaido, Japan region 4.5 1660279073Friday, Aug 12, 1:37 pm
53 km SSE of Makubetsu, Japan 4.5 1660151694Thursday, Aug 11, 2:14 am
50 km SSE of Makubetsu, Japan 5.1 1660146777Thursday, Aug 11, 12:52 am
57 km SSE of Makubetsu, Japan 4.8 1660145718Thursday, Aug 11, 12:35 am
11 km NNW of Nayoro, Japan 4.1 1660064497Wednesday, Aug 10, 2:01 am
36 km NW of Miyako, Japan 4.6 1660060096Wednesday, Aug 10, 12:48 am



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Chisato-san Interview

Amazing Sapporo Blog

Amazing Sapporo Blog

Chisato-san lives in Sapporo, creates cool art and also shares information about Hokkaido & Japan on her Twitter feed and Blog.
I was born and brought up in Sapporo. I studied English at university and I'm still a English learner. I worked with Sapporo ALTs before. After that, I started to post about Sapporo and Japanese culture on a Twitter account named I love Sapporo. Now I write Sapporo Lilac Journal on note to share info of Sapporo with more people. My dream is to be a childcare worker. My hobby is folding origami.

INTERVIEW:  (March 2022)

1. What are you favorite places in Hokkaido?

I like Otaru. It takes about 30 minutes by train from Sapporo. I like to see the ocean from a window of the train. The view is beautiful especially in summer. I’m collecting glass dolls. They are SO small. The height is about 1~2cm. Otaru is famous for its glass art.

I haven’t been to Hakodate yet. Hakodate has many historical buildings and places. I’d like to go there in Spring. Hakodate is famous for Goryo-kaku park and you can see beautiful cherry blossoms there.

2. Please ask your grandparents what they did to celebrate their birthday when they were a kid. Ask them if they had a pet when they were a kid.

My grandma says she had a cat and a dog when she was 11years old.

She says she wasn't celebrated on her birthday.

3. What is your favorite Japanese food restaurant? What is your
favorite non-Japanese restaurant?

北海道四季彩亭/Hokkaido Shikisaitei (Sushi) I love their “fried prawn” sushi! It’s delicious!

大戸屋/O-toya (Japanese restaurant) They serve you a meal of rice, miso-soup, Japanese pickles and main dish (baked fish or chicken karaage or grilled chicken and so on). You can also eat udon, soba, oyakodon (a bowl of egg, chicken and rice.), katsudon and so on.

I like Chinese food. I think Chinese restaurants in Japan are tasty.

4. So you think Sapporo should host the Olympics in the future?

No. (lol) I think there are some benefits. If Sapporo hosts the Olympics, many people will know about Sapporo more and come to visit here. That would be great. But, it costs a lot to host the Olympics. Also, I’m worried about security against terrorism.

5. Why did you study English and not a different language?

When I was small, I was into foreign novels. I read many books. I read all series of Harry Potter (7 volumes but 11 books in Japan). The Princess Diaries (13 books) and Darren Shan (12 volumes). I liked to lean foreign cultures from novels. After I entered a university, I stated to read books in English. The rhythm of sentences, beautiful adjectives…I thought how English is beautiful.  Yes, it’s still difficult for me. I’d like to master English someday!

6. Do you think Hokkaido people are shy compared to people from Osaka or Tokyo?

 In general, they say Osaka people are talkative and funny (many comedians are from Osaka.), Tokyo people are fashionable and active, and Hokkaido people are warm and friendly. I think Hokkaido people are sometimes shy but kind. If you are lost and ask a street to a Hokkaido person, I’m sure the person will tell you the street kindly.

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Hello From Sapporo / August 14 : 普段の日本語 ★恋愛について ★友情と恋愛の違い ★自分の欲深さにのまれてしまうこと。そうなっていいタイミングは今ではない。(ハニーレモンソーダ) ★恋愛だって、人間同士の関わり合いなんだから、相手を思いやれなきゃ上手く行きっこないよ。(NANA) みんなの恋愛がうまくいきますように❤ もし、あなたが片思いをしているなら、私は応援するよ。あなたに特別な人がいるのなら、その出会いを大切にしてね!! サウンドをひらく

Hello From Sapporo / August 12 : 普段の日本語 ★sexualityについて ★LGBTQのQ ★同性愛、異性愛サウンドをひらく

Hello From Sapporo / August 8 : 普段の日本語 ★漫画ハニーレモンソーダについて ★カホゴ ★どんな人と付き合いたいか 日本語の間違え笑 趣味が合わない人でいいって言ったのは(後半部分)、趣味が同じでなくていいっていう意味ね。私は英語や音楽が好きだけど、同じように好きな人を別に求めてはいないという話ね。サウンドをひらく



Tsuyo City Summer Festival!! ︎


Hokkaido Fireworks 2022

Schedule for Fireworks Festivals  花火大会開催予定
①July 9
Makomanai Fireworks Festival
②July 16
Kitano Fureai Summer Festival
③July 16
Ebetsu Hanabi
④July 23
Chitose Shimin Fireworks Festival
⑤July 29
Doshi/UHB Fireworks Festival
⑥Aug. 7
Bankei Summer Festival Fireworks Festival
⑦Aug. 13
Tobetsu Fireworks Festival
⑧Sep. 3
Moerenuma Fireworks Festival

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Nandalow Radio Show

私達、Stevyn とYukakoはFMラジオで1時間、世界のバラエティーな音楽を放送しております。
毎週金曜日夜6時 E-niwa  radio 77.8FM
毎週金曜日夜10時 FM アップル札幌 76.5FM

Hello, we host an 1 hour radio show featuring international music, different genres.

Eniwa Radio 77.8FM + Sapporo APPLE 76.5FM

We are looking for musicians and bands to interview and feature on our radio show. We can also announce concerts.

Letter from Hokkaido Eric Johnston


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過去に。 北海道は2つの島でした? #hokkaido

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