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Hokkaido Coronavirus Hotline: 011-200-9595.

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地震 Hokkaido Earthquake Information

37 km NNW of Shibetsu, Japan 4.3 1597226574Wednesday, Aug 12, 7:02 pm
36 km E of Shizunai-furukawachō, Japan 4.3 1597130412Tuesday, Aug 11, 4:20 pm



Expand: 札幌商工会議所メールマガジン第 札幌商工会議所メールマガジン第

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おうちでフェス気分!「RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2020 in EZO」が8月15日にYouTubeで公開 : 北海道の夏の風物詩であるRISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2020 in EZO」が、 公式YouTubeチャンネルにて 『RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2020 in EZO on […]

セイコーマートが8月下旬からマスク製造に参入!月100枚生産へ : 7月20日、コンビニの「セイコーマート」を展開するセコマ(札幌市)が、 8月下旬から不織布マスクの製造を始めると発表しました! 経済産業省からマスクの製造・安定供給に関する要請を受けたセコマは、 北海道石狩市にマスクの製 […]

【カエルがいっぱい】星置神社は金運・子宝・縁結び・若返りにもご利益!! : 手稲区にある星置神社をご存じですか? 御朱印集めが趣味の母に連れられて たまたま訪れたこの神社、 とってもかわいいカエル様がいるんです♪ それだけじゃない、 星置神社のご利益は筆者のお墨付き! 詳しくは長くなるので割愛し […]

【ぐるっと北海道】JRから6日間乗り放題のパスが半額で発売!! :   北海道では新型コロナウイルスの影響により、大打撃を受けた公共交通機関や観光業を応援するおトクなキャンペーンを開始! 7月17日より 「ぐるっと北海道   公共交通利用促進キャンペーン」 として HOKKAI […]

北海道の食を屋台で楽しむ : 北海道といえばおいしいものが食べられるところ。くいだおれを目当てに旅行する方も多いと思います。 そんな方々におすすめなのが屋台での食事。新型コロナになってしまいましたからやっているところとそうでないところと、感染予防対策 […]


Health Alert - U.S. Embassy Tokyo (August 5, 2020)

Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Tokyo (August 5, 2020)  
Location:           Japan  
Date:                  August 5, 2020 
State of COVID-19 Measures in JapanThe U.S. Embassy and consulates continue to monitor closely the COVID-19 outbreak in Japan.  Case numbers in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Okinawa, and in other areas across Japan have risen significantly in the past two weeks, and many prefectural officials are requesting residents comply with specific mitigation efforts centered around refraining from visiting nightlife establishments and other non-essential outings and travel.
In Okinawa, on July 31 Governor Tamaki implemented a state of emergency and requested that residents avoid non-essential outings.  He also urged residents to refrain from travel to mainland Japan and asked that travelers from outside Okinawa carefully consider whether they should travel to the islands. 
In Hokkaido, on July 27 Governor Suzuki asked residents to carefully consider the necessity of travel outside of Hokkaido.
In Kyushu, some local governors including those in Miyazaki, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto have issued local guidelines or updated alert levels. 
In Tokyo, Governor Koike continues to urge residents to avoid restaurants and other service establishments that lack proper infection-control and social distancing measures and has asked bars and restaurants to limit their hours.  She also requests that Tokyo residents refrain from crossing prefectural borders unless necessary.  More information on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s recommendations can found here.
In the Kansai area, including Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, COVID-19 cases have steadily increased.  New cases have mainly occurred in entertainment establishments, prompting Osaka Governor Yoshima to urge the public to limit gatherings to no more than 5 people and to increase



Hello music fans,
My name is Daisuke Niiyama, a songwriter / multi-instrumentalist living in Sapporo, Japan.  My charity live stream show is going to be held on August 9 at 20:00 Japan time.  Join me with the quality sound and professional camera movements aired from the awesome Hoheikan, one of Japan’s important properties.  You will love the total concept of the show for sure.
The purpose of this charity show is to support musicians, sound engineers and music-related workers who lost their jobs in Hokkaido because of the sickening coronavirus attack.  You can enjoy the show for free or tip from the link on the page if you want.  In the show, I will play



Cruising the ocean frontage roads of Tomakomai we stopped to admire this little garden paradise. The owner popped out to welcome us. He once owned a cabaret club in Chitose many years ago, now at 75 he is retired and his enjoyment is to create this garden so everyone can see. He collects the sun powered bobble head toys, he claims to have over 300. As we talked I enjoyed the sound of the surf pounding & fresh salty sea air. I want to go back and visit him, record his stories on tape and bring him a solar powered toy for his collection.

Chitose Dam   千歳ダム

Fun hike to visit an 100 year old dam with historic brick building.  Park at the  水明郷パーキング  Suimeikyo parking lot  and walk the bike trail west towards the lake. Eventually you see an electric transformer station to the right. It is fenced off, avoid this of course. But right before it you will notice a deer trail. Follow the deer trail towards the river, you will reach a very steep embankment, look for the abandoned  (man made) old pack mule trail that has a winding path down the mountain. Follow it to the dam. Do not enter the building or walk on the dam, it has staff working and visiting.  Bring a picnic and enjoy the view.  You could follow the access road west to get back to the bike trail.  While in the forest look for deer antlers.

radio show: Nandalow Radio Show  April 2020 北海道 恵庭(えにわ)市にある、コミュニティFMラジオ局いーにわです。

Nandalow Radio Show  April 2020
北海道 恵庭(えにわ)市にある、コミュニティFMラジオ局いーにわです。

Hello!  Yukako and I just hosted a radio show in Hokkaido on 77…


Hokkaido Restaurants, take out OK!



そば処 りかちや (Sapporo)

そば処 りかちや    :wub:


蕎麦居酒屋 \ Soba & more!

 昼のりかちや、夜のりかちや どちらも蕎麦を楽しめて、夜の手作りツマミも好評です✨



Konnichiwa, like to share some feel good stories from Hokkaido Japan. Few months ago I attended a music gig at a small cafe near my house. The party was most excellent. I have since returned to the cafe for food & coffee and was very surprised to learn the origin story. The owner is a Japanese woman, an artist, who about 8 years ago watched a film about a cute cafe in Helsinki Finland. The film is a good heart warming story. She was deeply touched and moved by the film so much that she re-created the cafe in my town, the feels, the vibes, the food, etc. I was just there today and had delicious food, great coffee and best of all, awesome people. The cafe is now celebrating 7 years of being open and is rocking out. Of course the virus situation has us all stressed and she only has very limited hours, maybe 2 afternoons a week open. It is wild as now after watching the film I really want to visit Finland. I am touched also. There is this mystery vibe connection tween Finland and my area, Hokkaido Japan. So strong that Finland Air even started weekly direct flights to my remote island. I was honored as the staff invited me to join them in the future when they will host board game nights. I think it is amazing that a person can watch a movie and be so inspired to try and bring that vibe to their own world and make it reality. It worked! So cheers to the artists who create such stirring works and cheers to the fans who admire and are deeply moved by such works ❤️

Video of the course of the Marathon during the Olympics

東京五輪マラソン コース紹介(2019/12/26)北海道新聞


Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

Marathon route in Sapporo (start and finish at Odori Park)
Date: Aug. 6 (Thu.) - 9 (Sat.).

Football: July 22 (Wed.), 23 (Thu.), 25 (Sat.), 26 (Sun.), and 29 (Wed.).
Sapporo Dome.
Race walk: Aug. 6 (Thu.) - 9 (Sat.)

Waiting for the train in Chitose

Pokémon manhole covers


Attention all Pokémon Fans! Come to Hokkaido in 2020! Starting in the familiar Lake Tōya and Monbetsu with icebreaker ship, 15 cities/townships around Hokkaido will be featuring different Pokémon manhole covers. Each cover will have a unique design, so try to catch them all. Follow the Pokémon trail, and enjoy Hokkaido’s nature at its best. A map of the locations is available on their official website. Poké Lids | Pokémon Local Acts 

Help Desk for Foreign Residents Opens

外国人相談窓口 11/28

Feel free to visit, telephone or e-mail about procedures at public ward offices, Japanese lessons, childcare, welfare, etc. Free of charge.
Date: Nov. 28 (Thu.).
Hours: 9:30 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
Closed: Sat.. Sun.., and hol.
New Year's holiday: Dec. 28 - Jan. 5
Venue: Sapporo International Plaza
Chuo-ku, Kita 1, Nishi 3, MN Bldg. 3F
Tel.: 011-211-3678

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