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Trivia Night every Tuesday 




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Create a fantasy world city of Hakodate exotic shining light, it is a special event of the winter. Each year, beginning a historic building churches and shining in the illumination of about 50,000 pieces of “Hakodate Illumination”, you can join from candle making to color the city “lighting walk” and “small diameter” light Hakodate “” charm during the period in addition to, participatory various events will be held. Warm light enveloping the city, you can fully enjoy the charm of the winter of Hakodate. Of course Hakodate citizen, I have you participated in a number of everyone to visit a tourist, it is an event of the winter on behalf of Hakodate.

[Hakodate Fireworks 2019]
2019/2/8 – 10 8:00pm -

[Hakodate Illumination]
2018/12/1 – 2019/2/28

1 December, 2018 - 28 February, 2019




Hakodate Green Island, and Parts of the Hakodate city
15, Omachi, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido, 040-0052
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Located in front of the New Furano Prince Hotel, the Kan Kan Mura is home to a snow dome and a snow cafe which has been made using 2000 blocks of snow, and the longest Snow Tubing course in Japan (201m long). The pathways have snow sculptures and illuminations on the way for an enjoyable walk too. Snow rafting is also available! Open from the end of December until early March (depending on snow conditions)

22 December, 2018 - 10 March, 2019

300 yen

12月22日~3月10日 : ふらの歓寒村 《富良野市》 2018-2019|お祭り・イベント|見る・楽しむ一覧|ふらの観光協会公式サイト ふらのindex
Nakagoryo, Furano-shi, Hokkaido 076-0016

Furano Hokkaido - PRINCE SNOW RESORTS - Prince Hotels & Resorts - Official website

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“Otaru Snow Story” where various events to enjoy Otaru in winter are held in the city area. Illuminations such as Otaru unique “Okuribi tree” and “Blue canal” such as “Candle Bar”, “Glass Art Character”, etc., which makes Otaru’s town more fantastic, during the period, Otaru’s charm There are plenty of events that you can feel.

11 November, 2018 - 17 February, 2019

Otaru Starion and more.
2-22-15, Inaho, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido 047-0032


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11月22日から12月25日の毎日、ホワイトイルミネーション開催に伴い、テレビ塔展望台ではレーザー光線を使ったイベント「ホワイトイルミネーション レーザーナイト」を開催します。

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Island Goes Missing off Hokkaido


The Japan Coast Guard has launched a search for something that would not ordinarily be hard to find: an island. 

A small, uninhabited land feature named Esanbe Hanakita Kojima, once located just off the beach at Sarufutsu, Hokkaido, seems to have disappeared. Residents of Sarufutsu reported the island missing in early October, and local efforts to find it were not successful. Satellite imagery of the site from 2018 shows what appears to be a rocky shoal at the island's former charted position (image above).

Evidence suggests that the island did indeed exist in the past. It appears on charts from 30 years ago, with a listed height above water of about five feet, and residents remember its presence. “Around a decade from 1975, there was a small island around there, and we stayed clear of the area,” an elderly fisherman told Asahi Shimbun. 

According to NHK, Esanbe Hanakita Kojima served as part of the land basis for Japan's territorial seas claim. It was named in 2014 in an effort to formalize its status. If its disappearance is confirmed, Japan's 12-nm line might have to be relocated closer to Hokkaido, shrinking the extent of Japanese waters.   

Sarufutsu is Japan's northernmost village, and it faces Sakhalin Island and the Sea of Okhotsk. Its proximity to the Siberian north means that it is affected by drift ice and storms in the wintertime. The Japan Coast Guard believes that it is possible that a combination of ice and wave action may have eroded the island over time. 



🤔If you planing to travel Hokkaido in November, please note that some sightseeing spots will be closed for maintenance. More details please visit the official web site. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Hokkaido Sports Festival
北海道大運動会 1/14, 2019


 The Hokkaido Sports Festival is a participatory event which combines relay runs at Sapporo Dome with Japanese sports.

(1) Beanbag toss (AJITA) originated in Wassamu town (98 teams)
(2) Tug-of-war pulling three ropes on ice which is held in Atsuma town every winter (96)
(3) Llong jumping rope which needs good team play (180)

The athletic events require registration (¥1,000/person). The first and second place will win prize money.

There will also be relay races and some sport events for families to enjoy for free without booking.
Venue: Sapporo Dome (Toyohira-ku, Hitsujigaoka 1).
Date: 2019 Jan. 14 (Mon./hol.), 9 am.‒4:30 pm.
Deadline for Registration: until Nov. 30 (Fri.) web-only. <エントリー | ほっかいどう大運動会【公式】
Hokkaido Dai-Undokai Unei-jimukyoku

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KUSHIRO Hokkaido



10/16(火)開場18:30 開演19:00-21:00
クラップスホール: 南4西6タイムズ駐車場ビ1F
お問合わせ·ご予約は09031188265(浅田恵美)SMSかお電話、davidsweetlow@gmail.com までよろしくお願いします。


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The Sapporo International Communication Plaza has temporarily moved to
the Sapporo City Hall, where we will be acting as the Multilingual
Disaster Support Center, available 24 hours to consult with foreign
nationals and provide up to date information.

TEL: +1+81 90 7051 5145 (JP, EN) or 090-7051 5145 if calling from Japan

We are no longer able to use Facebook, so announcements previously
posted there will now be posted to the Plaza homepage.

※Please note that the Communication Salon will be closed on Friday, Sep.
7 and Saturday, Sep. 8.

  Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation

Richard Strange.jpg

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7 September, 2018 - 30 September, 2018
10:00am - 8:30pm
[Official Site]
<5丁目会場>HOKKAIDOラーメン祭り2018 & 喰い倒れ広場|さっぽろオータムフェスト
5-chome Site in Sapporo Odori Park
5, Odorinishi, Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-0042
Guide of Odori Park (for English) | 大通公園 -公益 財団法人 札幌市公園緑化協会

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Flea Markets in September

Nakajima Park: Sep. 1 (Sat.), 2 (Sun.), 15 (Sat.), 16 (Sun.), 22(Sat.), 30 (Sun.). 10 am - 2 pm
Nakajima Park Jiyuhiroba. A 1-min. walk from Horohira-bashi Subway Sta. (Namboku Line)

Sapporo City Hall : Sep. 1 (Sat.), 10 am - 2 pm , Sep. 9 (Sun.), 9 am - 2 pm.
Chuo-ku, Kita 1, Nishi 2.

Nihsi-ku Ward Office: Sep. 8 (Sat.), 29 (Sat.), 9 am - 1 pm. Nishi-ku, Kotoni 2-7. A 5-min. walk from Kotoni Subway Sta. (Tozai Line)

Ito Yokado Tonden: Sep. 8 (Sat.), 9 am - 2 pm
Kita-ku, Tonden8-3. A 20 min. bus ride from Asabu Subway Sta. (Namboku Line)

Ito Yokado Kotoni: Sep. 15 (Sat.), 9 1m - 1 pm
Nishi-ku, Kotoni 2-1. A 1 min. walk from JR Kotoni Sta.
(Hakodate Line)

Ito Yokado Fukuzumi: Sep. 15 (Sat.), 9 am - 1 pm
Toyohira-ku, Fukuzumi 2-1. a 5-min. walk from Fukuzumi Subway Sta. (Toho Line).

Kita-ku Ward Office: Sep. 16 (Sun.),9 am - 2 pm
Kita-ku, Kita 24, Nishi 6. A 5-min. walk from Kita 24-jo Subway Sta. (Namboku Line)

Soen Driving School: Sep. 23 (Sun.), 10 am - 2 pm
Chuo-ku, Kita 8, Nishi 14. On the top of Aeon.
A 3-min. walk from JR Soen Sta.(Hakodate Line).

Golden Market: Oct. 13 (Sat.) , 14 (Sun.).
Tsudome, Higashi-ku, Sakae-machi 885-1


 It is the 45th annual fall flavor event “Autumn Wine Festival.” About 5,000 people visit to this big event. There are all-you-can-drink tokachi wine and all-you-can-eat tokachi beef. Enjoy wine and fall foods!

7 October, 2018
10:00am - 2:30pm

Adult: 4,000yen / High school and junior high school sutudent: 2,000yen / Elementary school student: 1,000yen

[Official Site]




Wine Castle Event Site
83-3, aza-Kiyomi, Ikeda-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido 083-0002

アクセス/TOKACHI WINE Since 1963 池田町ブドウ・ブドウ酒研究所
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It is a special event of “Golden Kamuy” at “Abashiri Prison Museum” in Abashiri City, Hokkaido.

22 September, 2018
10 am - 4 pm

[Official Site]
Abashiri Prison Museum
1-1,yobito,abasiri,hokkaido 099-2421

Abashiri Prison Museum | Official Website

Kenichi Mori Solo exhibition



「立方体の中の憂鬱-Melancholy in the cube-」

TO OV cafe

I'll show you again at the end of this month.
As always, the production is late, but a full-Scale Solo exhibition in sapporo is my last year, so I'll do my best.
Please let me know.

Kenichi Mori Solo exhibition
" melancholy in the cube " in the cube -"
2018.8.28 (Tue)-9.9 (Sun)

TO OV cafe
Sapporo City Chuo Ward 9 WEST 3TH STREET 2-1 Madison Heights 1 F
(2 minutes walk from the subway North-South, Nakajima-Koen station)
Business Hours: 10:30 ~ 21:30 (* until Sunday 20)



Once a year the gateway to hell opens and the demons of Hell Valley come out for a procession down the main street, led by the king of the demons, King Enma.




Gokuraku Street & Hell Valley, Noboribetsu Onsen
60, Noboribetsu Onsen-cho, Noboribetsu-shi, Hokkaido 059-0551




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Hokkaido Bluegrass Festival


Fireworks Festival in July, Aug. and Sep. 

花火大会 7月~9月

■Kitano Fureai Summer Festival
Date: July 21 (Sat.) 7:45 pm – 8:20 pm.
Rain date: July 22 (Sun.)
Venue: Ashiribetsu River Kitano Fureai bridge 
Address: Kiyota-ku, Kitano 6-3 
600 fireworks

■Fireworks at Akebono Summer Festival
Date: July 21 (Sat.) 7:45 pm- 
Venue: Aeon Sapporo Teine Yamaguchi Shopping Center
Address: Teine-ku, Asukaze 1-1
250 fireworks

■Doshin UHB Fireworks Festival
Date: July 27 (Fri.) 7:40 pm. Rain date: Aug. 10 (Fri.)
Venue: Toyohira River between Minami bridge and Horohira bridge.
4000 fireworks
The Moet & Chandon Sparkling Wine truck will come to Nakaima Park.

■Ishiyama Summer Festival
Date: July 28 (Sat.), 7:30 pm. Rain date: July 29 (Sun.)
Venue: Ishiyama Kita Park 
Address: Minami-ku, Ishiyama 1-3
300 fireworks

■Bankei Fireworks at Summer Festival
Date: Aug. 4 (Sat.), 7:30 pm. Rain date: Aug. 5 (Sun.)
Venue: Bankei Ski Area
Address: Bankei 410
Adm.the for Summer Festival, ¥2,500 for elem. and over.
4000 fireworks




■Moiwa Summer Festival
Date: Aug. 5 (Sun.), 8 pm
Venue: Monami Park
Address: Minami-ku, Kawazoe 10-1
550 fireworks

■Fighters Fireworks Festival
Date: Aug. 25 (Sun.), after the baseball game starting at 3 pm.
Venue: Sapporo Dome
Address: Toyohira-ku, Hitsujigaoka 1
3000 fireworks

■Light Up Nippon Hokkaido in Takino
Date: Aug. 26 (Sun.)
Venue: Takino Suzuran Hillside Park
Address: Minami-ku, Takino 247
3000 fireworks
Tickets.: ¥500 - ¥2,000 including the adm. fee.
LIGHT UP NIPPON HOKKAIDO | 東日本大震災 | 北海道 | 復興支援

■Moerenuma Fireworks Festival
Date: Sep. 8 (Sat.), 7:30 pm. Rain date: Sep. 9 (Sun.)
Venue: Moerenuma Park
Address: Higashi-ku, Moerenuma Park 1-1
18,000 fireworks
Tickets: ¥7,560, ¥3,780, ¥540
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