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Polestar Magazine call for writers for upcoming issues


Hi all! Abby the *Polestar *editor here. We are putting out a call for writers for upcoming issues, especially for our monthly Around the ‘Do feature! If you are interested in sharing a town/area of Hokkaido with others or writing for us, please DM or email me!
Thank you!

2024 Sapporo Snow Festival


2024 Sapporo Snow Festival (74th)

8 days from February 4th (Sunday) to February 11th (Sunday/Holiday), 2024

Odori venue Nishi 1-chome to Nishi 12-chome
Tsudome venue Sapporo city sports exchange facility “Tsu Dome”
Susukino venue Ekimae-dori from Minami 4-jo-dori to Minami 7-jo-dori

Centering around the five large snow sculptures that are the symbols of the Sapporo Snow Festival, there will also be small and medium-sized snow sculptures, citizen snow sculptures, winter attractions, and more. The International Snow Sculpture Competition was held for the first time in four years.

1st Street: Winter attractions, etc.
2nd Street: Sapporo International Art Festival 2024
3rd Street: Winter attractions or small and medium-sized snow statues
4th Street: Large snow statues
5th Street: Large snow statues
6th Street: Small and medium-sized snow statues, etc.
7th Street: Large snow statues
8th Street: Large snow statues
9th Street: Small and medium-sized snow sculptures, etc.
10th Street: Large snow sculptures
11th Street: International Snow Sculpture Competition, etc.
12th Street: Small and medium-sized snow sculptures, etc.



#芦別市 #赤毛のアン

Nandalow Radio Show

私達、Stevyn とYukakoはFMラジオで1時間、世界のバラエティーな音楽を放送しております。
毎週金曜日夜6時 E-niwa  radio 77.8FM
毎週金曜日夜10時 FM アップル札幌 76.5FM


Hello, we host an 1 hour radio show featuring international music, different genres.

Eniwa Radio 77.8FM + Sapporo APPLE 76.5FM

We are looking for musicians and bands to interview and feature on our radio show. We can also announce concerts.

Letter from Hokkaido Eric Johnston


Please visit:  https://www.fccj.or.jp/number-1-shimbun-article/letter-hokkaido




過去に。 北海道は2つの島でした? #hokkaido

Kushiro Hokkaido Man Killed by Bear

Close to 11 a.m. on April 10, a resident of Kushiro City in Hokkaido who had traveled to the mountains to pick edible flora with his wife was attacked by a brown bear and died shortly after. Though his wife called emergency services as soon as she heard her husband scream and witnessed him being attacked by a “black, bear-like animal”, he was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death appeared to be the crushing of his head and throat.

Though the emergency services who arrived at the scene were unable to locate the animal responsible, this is unfortunately not an especially unexpected occurrence. Experts warn that bears that have just woken up from hibernation are the most likely to encounter humans, as they wander further afield in search of food. Adding to this peril is the fact that brown bear populations are on the rise in Hokkaido, which increases the risk of an encounter.

In the wake of this unfortunate incident, a representative of the Hokkaido Hunting Association expressed his anguish at it happening despite reports of bear sightings in the area and went on to share advice for bear encounters in general.

First, he dismissed the effectiveness of bear bells, small bells that jingle as you walk, and said that their only true purpose was to give their wearers peace of mind. In actuality he says that the bells ring so quietly they tend not to be audible to bears until it’s too late, meaning a better course of action is to walk loudly and speak in strong, clear voices to ensure that a bear doesn’t accidentally stumble upon you.

Of course, he concedes, this doesn’t stop bears from encountering you anyway. And in that instance, the only advice he can really offer is to be willing to fight for your life.

While tools like bear repellents can be useful, it’s unlikely that in the moment you will have the presence of mind or quick reflexes to pull out the safety pin to activate one. It…

Hokkaido Market Buy & Sell


HOKKAIDO JAPAN: Welcome to a new Hokkaido online sales group. Post & discuss items for sale, want to buy, how to ship, payment options, seeking advice, recommended Hokkaido businesses, etc. for all people of Hokkaido. Relaxed atmosphere here, but moderated for spam.


Cassette & Zine shop in Sapporo! すごい ❤🖖🔈 !!


北海道札幌豊平区のバーバーショップ、haircut VOX店内併設のcassette tape storeです。

主に海外のINDIE, BEAT TAPEなどを中心としたカセットテープ専門店です。日本では当店でしか入手できないものも多数ございます。


☎︎ 011-857-3544
E-mail : hcvox@me.com

平日 10:00~19:30
水曜日 12:00~22:00
土日祝 9:00~18:30
定休日 月曜日・第一、第三火曜日


National holidays in 2021 

New Year’s Day    January 1
Coming of Age Day    January 11 (Second Monday in January)
National Foundation Day    February 11
Emperor’s Birthday    February 23
Vernal Equinox Day    March 20
Shōwa Day    April 29
Constitution Memorial Day    May 3
Greenery Day    May 4
Children’s Day    May 5
Marine Day    July 22 (Date changed for 2021)
Sports Day    July 23 (Date changed for 2021)
Mountain Day    August 8 (Date changed for 2021)
Mountain Day (observed)    August 9
Respect for the Aged Day    September 20 (Third Monday in September)
Autumnal Equinox Day    September 23
Culture Day    November 3
Labor Thanksgiving Day    November 23



Cruising the ocean frontage roads of Tomakomai we stopped to admire this little garden paradise. The owner popped out to welcome us. He once owned a cabaret club in Chitose many years ago, now at 75 he is retired and his enjoyment is to create this garden so everyone can see. He collects the sun powered bobble head toys, he claims to have over 300. As we talked I enjoyed the sound of the surf pounding & fresh salty sea air. I want to go back and visit him, record his stories on tape and bring him a solar powered toy for his collection.

Chitose Dam   千歳ダム

Fun hike to visit an 100 year old dam with historic brick building.  Park at the  水明郷パーキング  Suimeikyo parking lot  and walk the bike trail west towards the lake. Eventually you see an electric transformer station to the right. It is fenced off, avoid this of course. But right before it you will notice a deer trail. Follow the deer trail towards the river, you will reach a very steep embankment, look for the abandoned  (man made) old pack mule trail that has a winding path down the mountain. Follow it to the dam. Do not enter the building or walk on the dam, it has staff working and visiting.  Bring a picnic and enjoy the view.  You could follow the access road west to get back to the bike trail.  While in the forest look for deer antlers.

radio show: Nandalow Radio Show  April 2020 北海道 恵庭(えにわ)市にある、コミュニティFMラジオ局いーにわです。

Nandalow Radio Show  April 2020
北海道 恵庭(えにわ)市にある、コミュニティFMラジオ局いーにわです。

Hello!  Yukako and I just hosted a radio show in Hokkaido on 77…


Hokkaido Restaurants, take out OK!



そば処 りかちや (Sapporo)

そば処 りかちや    :wub:


蕎麦居酒屋 \ Soba & more!

 昼のりかちや、夜のりかちや どちらも蕎麦を楽しめて、夜の手作りツマミも好評です✨





Konnichiwa, like to share some feel good stories from Hokkaido Japan. Few months ago I attended a music gig at a small cafe near my house. The party was most excellent. I have since returned to the cafe for food & coffee and was very surprised to learn the origin story. The owner is a Japanese woman, an artist, who about 8 years ago watched a film about a cute cafe in Helsinki Finland. The film is a good heart warming story. She was deeply touched and moved by the film so much that she re-created the cafe in my town, the feels, the vibes, the food, etc. I was just there today and had delicious food, great coffee and best of all, awesome people. The cafe is now celebrating 7 years of being open and is rocking out. Of course the virus situation has us all stressed and she only has very limited hours, maybe 2 afternoons a week open. It is wild as now after watching the film I really want to visit Finland. I am touched also. There is this mystery vibe connection tween Finland and my area, Hokkaido Japan. So strong that Finland Air even started weekly direct flights to my remote island. I was honored as the staff invited me to join them in the future when they will host board game nights. I think it is amazing that a person can watch a movie and be so inspired to try and bring that vibe to their own world and make it reality. It worked! So cheers to the artists who create such stirring works and cheers to the fans who admire and are deeply moved by such works ❤️

Video of the course of the Marathon during the Olympics


Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

Marathon route in Sapporo (start and finish at Odori Park)
Date: Aug. 6 (Thu.) - 9 (Sat.).

Football: July 22 (Wed.), 23 (Thu.), 25 (Sat.), 26 (Sun.), and 29 (Wed.).
Sapporo Dome.
Race walk: Aug. 6 (Thu.) - 9 (Sat.)

Waiting for the train in Chitose

Pokémon manhole covers


Attention all Pokémon Fans! Come to Hokkaido in 2020! Starting in the familiar Lake Tōya and Monbetsu with icebreaker ship, 15 cities/townships around Hokkaido will be featuring different Pokémon manhole covers. Each cover will have a unique design, so try to catch them all. Follow the Pokémon trail, and enjoy Hokkaido’s nature at its best. A map of the locations is available on their official website. Poké Lids | Pokémon Local Acts 

Help Desk for Foreign Residents Opens

外国人相談窓口 11/28

Feel free to visit, telephone or e-mail about procedures at public ward offices, Japanese lessons, childcare, welfare, etc. Free of charge.
Date: Nov. 28 (Thu.).
Hours: 9:30 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
Closed: Sat.. Sun.., and hol.
New Year's holiday: Dec. 28 - Jan. 5
Venue: Sapporo International Plaza
Chuo-ku, Kita 1, Nishi 3, MN Bldg. 3F
Tel.: 011-211-3678
E-mail: soudan@plaza-sapporo.or.jp


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