Chitose Dam   千歳ダム

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Chitose Dam   千歳ダム

Fun hike to visit an 100 year old dam with historic brick building.  Park at the  水明郷パーキング  Suimeikyo parking lot  and walk the bike trail west towards the lake. Eventually you see an electric transformer station to the right. It is fenced off, avoid this of course. But right before it you will notice a deer trail. Follow the deer trail towards the river, you will reach a very steep embankment, look for the abandoned  (man made) old pack mule trail that has a winding path down the mountain. Follow it to the dam. Do not enter the building or walk on the dam, it has staff working and visiting.  Bring a picnic and enjoy the view.  You could follow the access road west to get back to the bike trail.  While in the forest look for deer antlers.