2024 Sapporo Snow Festival

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2024 Sapporo Snow Festival


2024 Sapporo Snow Festival (74th)

8 days from February 4th (Sunday) to February 11th (Sunday/Holiday), 2024

Odori venue Nishi 1-chome to Nishi 12-chome
Tsudome venue Sapporo city sports exchange facility “Tsu Dome”
Susukino venue Ekimae-dori from Minami 4-jo-dori to Minami 7-jo-dori

Centering around the five large snow sculptures that are the symbols of the Sapporo Snow Festival, there will also be small and medium-sized snow sculptures, citizen snow sculptures, winter attractions, and more. The International Snow Sculpture Competition was held for the first time in four years.

1st Street: Winter attractions, etc.
2nd Street: Sapporo International Art Festival 2024
3rd Street: Winter attractions or small and medium-sized snow statues
4th Street: Large snow statues
5th Street: Large snow statues
6th Street: Small and medium-sized snow statues, etc.
7th Street: Large snow statues
8th Street: Large snow statues
9th Street: Small and medium-sized snow sculptures, etc.
10th Street: Large snow sculptures
11th Street: International Snow Sculpture Competition, etc.
12th Street: Small and medium-sized snow sculptures, etc.