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Recommended for relaxing casual food experience.  Visit Sapporo and stop in here for a proper hot meal & drink before your night or maybe take a break of your explorations and visit here for sustenance and whiskey?

Regardless,  pop in here for a visit and have some good quality Japanese food and hearty drinks and for cheap price.  

no msg used in cooking
The staff are awesome!  Once you go here you will want to make this your usual local.  Finding  the building is easy using a map and once you arrive go inside the building and take the elevator or stairs up one level to the 2nd floor. Make sure you find the right restaurant as a few options exist next to each other in the hall.

中央区南5条西5丁目1-3 ソシアル桂和ビル2階
Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Call 011-530-6811   

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