Ice Skate Rinks in Sapporo

●Tsukisamu Gymnasium
Open year-round. 
Address: Toyohira-ku, Tsukisamu Higashi 1-jo 8-chome
Access: 1-min. walk from Tsukisamu Chuo Subway Sta.(Toho Line).

●Mikaho Gymnasium
Open: Nov. 1 (Thu.) - Apr. 10 (Wed.) 2019.
Closed 3rd Monday. If that Monday is a holiday, closed the 4th Monday. 
Address: Higashi-ku, Kita 22, Higashi 5. 
Access: 1 10-min. walk from Kita 24-jo Subway Sta. (Namboku Line).

Hours: 10 am - 5:30 pm.
Closed: Dec. 29 (Sat.) - Jan. 2 (Wed.) 2019.
Skate rental:¥250/h, ¥300/2h. Adm.: ¥580 for sr. high, ¥280 for sr. high, ¥140 for age 65 and older, free for jr. high and under.


Showa Shinzan Bear Ranch   :shake:

  One area we saw bears locked in several dark small cages; they were growling, hitting the cage bars. Another area we saw a large number of bears captivated in over-crowded concrete pits with their excrements and tourist thrown food all over the ground. The entire place smelled awful and looked carelessly maintained. The animals appeared to be suffering and unhealthy. It’s an absolute torture for the animals.     INFO