Hardy Boys 25: the Secret Panel


Hardy Boys 25: the Secret Panel

HARDY BOYS 25: THE SECRET PANEL is in stock at our shop in Chitose, Hokkaido.

Another exciting mystery begins for Frank and Joe Hardy when they help a stranger who has had an accident with his car. The man introduces himself as John Mead, owner of a nearby estate. After he continues on his way, Frank finds an odd-looking house key which belongs to Mead. But when the Hardys try to return it, they learn that John Mead died five years ago! They are even more amazed when they find that the intricately carved doors in the dead man's deserted mansion have no visible knobs or keylocks. While working on this mystery, the boys assist their detective father in tracking down a highly organized ring of thieves who are robbing warehouses of television and stereo equipment.

What happens when Frank and Joe discover that there is a link between Mr. Hardy's case and the mysterious Mead mansion will keep the reader on edge with thrills and suspense. 

I was really happily surprised with this! In this book, the Hardy Boys are investigating a missing boy, a mysterious mansion, theft, and a mysterious boast sold to their friend! So much is going on at once, but I personally like it that way! Really good, 5 stars!



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